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A Guide To Buying Wool Carpet

A wool carpet is a comfortable, luxurious, and beautiful looking addition to any home or property. What's more, with some care and maintenance they can last for many years and thanks to modern manufacturing processes, wool carpets now come in a vast array of different sizes, shapes, and designs so that you can enjoy exactly the look that you want from your new wool carpet.

A Durable Floor Covering

Buying a good quality woollen carpet means purchasing a highly durable and long lasting floor covering. In fact, wool carpets can offer a lifetime of as much as 50 years making it one of the hardiest of floor coverings that money can buy.

Safety First

They are safe too. The moisture retention rate and moisture threshold is such that it has a resistance to flames from combustion and from ignition. It will even protect against electric shock even if it comes in contact with live wires.

The Healthy Option

Wool is proven to have anti-bacterial properties and is typically allergen free, although it may depend on the manufacturing processes especially with some of the less expensive carpets. Many items have been made from natural wool for these very health related properties.


A woollen carpet is warm and offers insulation on your floor. Your carpet can keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer while muffling vibrations and sound waves providing you with a means of reducing the noise impact of your TV and other household items.

Comfort And Safety

Wool is a naturally thick and comfortable material. A wool carpet is soft and this not only means extra comfort when you walk on your new carpet barefoot but it can actually protect you from injury in the event that you fall or trip and hit your head or other part of your body on the floor.

Minimal Maintenance

Minimal maintenance is required. Simply vacuum the floor when it needs it, because the material naturally does not absorb dirt making it easier and quicker to clean. Warm water should be enough to remove any of the more stubborn stains that may become evident on the carpet over time.

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Wool Carpet

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This article was published on 2010/11/26