Green Clean Your Carpets With Homemade Products

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You may be wondering what green cleaning means? Green cleaning is a widely used approach to cleaning which combines certain chemicals, tools, useful ways and processes to provide an effective and safe carpet cleaning program.

When you consider carpet cleaning, your first thought might be to hire a professional cleaning service which will only revamp your carpet for a short while, though the cost of hiring one might be a worry. There is no need to worry as there is an alternative method - making your own homemade cleaning products with inexpensive materials.

Below are some of the mixtures that can leave your carpet clean and fresh:

• Take 1 cup of baking soda, mix it thoroughly with the corn starch and vinegar. Then shake it well, spread it all over the carpet and leave it overnight. The next morning vacuum the carpet and enjoy the fresh clean smell of your carpet.

• If you have pets in your home, first clean the carpet to get rid of any debris. Then first sprinkle the carpet with vinegar followed by salt to absorb all of the moisture from the carpet. Vacuum the floor afterwards; this will not only make your carpet clean but give a fresh scent.

• To get rid of mold in your carpet, you can also spray that particular area with the vinegar, sprinkle salt over it to absorb the moisture from the carpet. To effectively get rid of the mold, you can carry out this process once a day for five days.

• You can also keep your carpets fresh by steam cleaning it with the vinegar as an alternative to commercial shampoos.

How does vinegar work?

You may be wondering how does vinegar help keep my carpets clean and fresh? How does it react with my flooring to get rid of stains? What is vinegar and why does it have so many cleaning uses? Vinegar contains amongst others acetic acid. Acetic acid reacts with dust particles, by attracting all the dirt it extracts them from the surface of the carpet. This gets rid of not just dust particles in the carpet; it also gets rid of bad odors, leaving the carpet fresh and well scented.
How to get rid of stubborn stains?

Now you might be wondering if it possible to get rid of stubborn stains using home cleaning agents. You can get rid of blood, food and other stubborn stains with the help of club soda. You can also use milk, ammonia or hydrogen peroxide instead of soda. First, you apply enough of the cleaning agent over the stain, allow it to foam, and then sponge it off. Then pour salt over the same area and leave it to absorb the moisture from the carpet before you clean it up with sponge and water. To deodorize your carpet, you are advised to add a cup of vinegar over it.

By using one of the above cleaning methods, you will see how effective homemade cleaning therapies are for your carpets.

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Green Clean Your Carpets With Homemade Products

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This article was published on 2010/03/30