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Choosing the best carpets for stairs would be a daunting task if you are an interior designer or perhaps a lavishing tycoon. For great carpets and flooring covers, Carpet Right is the right place to find the finest carpets in the world.

Carpet Right is the leading distributor of best floor coverings and is found throughout the world notably Europe and Australia. You can a have a series of choices from vinyl carpets, to nylon carpets, and rugs. They offer you great exclusively designed carpets with amazing color quality only from Carpet Right. The company has the reputation of offering quality products with a lifetime installation guarantee.

Now in making that outwardly stale staircase in your museum, hotel, or home to be flamboyantly grand. You must need to know the basics of choosing the best carpets for stairs. That is to consider the price (yup that's right), nap, durability, color and the fiber content of the carpet.

In considering the color for the carpet, you remember that it always has the same pattern and color to the adjoining rooms, and halls. That would then require your imagination to instantly blend in the colors of the carpet you are using and the carpet of the rooms and halls. You may mix and match the designs and colors to complement with the surrounding carpet. But do not forget that bright colors like blue and green, and floral designs would confuse elderly clients. So remember always to not forget who walk on these carpets. As in choosing the color, prefer darker colors for the stairs, but don't make it too dark. People with visual impairment would end up falling (so there must be adequate lighting on the stairs).

Aside from the colors and price in choosing best carpets for stairs, we must consider two things. Does the owner want to conceal the staircase? Does he prefer lesser work? Or does he want runners on?

In choosing runners and full step carpeting, you must answer the previous questions above. If you said yes whether you want to conceal the staircase; you are therefore choosing to carpet the entire staircase. That would need intense work and a great amount of money. If you want runners on your staircase, you can order with the preferred length and width (commonly is purchased on 27-32 in. width leaving 6 inches of exposed stair on each side). Runners have an already finished edge and require no intensive and costly installation.

Speaking of installation; how to carpet stairs would just pop in our minds. You have chosen your carpet, its color, design and even had considered the type of carpeting. Now, how to carpet stairs would require an expert, if you desire perfection. Remember that Carpet Right has a lifetime installation guarantee.

Just to have a little idea on what is done. An expert would then measure and cut the runner. The edges would then be bound so it would not expose. He would then make marks for the padding which are slightly smaller than the runners. The carpet will be unrolled, and is stretched really well. A knee kicker will be used to push the carpet unto the stairs. The expert will be using an awl to push it in place and fastening it with a fastening strip making sure that the fastening strip is no wider than the runner. Quite complicated right? You don't have to worry about that. Just have an expert do the job for you.

So if ever you need the best carpets for stairs just remember that in carpeting, Carpet Right is the right carpet for your stairs.

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Carpet Stairs the Carpet Right Way

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This article was published on 2011/01/02