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Since ancient times, carpet has been used more to enhance the dcor of a room. Decoration of your home will be incomplete if you did not choose a carpet that complements other room furnishings. If you are renovating your room or decorating the living area, you would need to buy a carpet. Before choosing a carpet, it is important to be aware of some essential aspects such as the history, designs, fibers in which carpets are available today and price range.

The term carpet is used interchangeably with the term rugs. The roots of carpet as an accessory to beautify the room can be traced back to the ancient times of the Persian kings and royal rulers. It was only with the opening of the trade routes during the 16th and 17th centuries that Persian rugs were first introduced to European countries. Prior to that, the use of carpets was not found in the European interiors. It did not take carpets very long to become one of the most essential components of our home interior.

Carpet types
Carpets are available in different fibers and with different designs on them. Here is a list of some of the popular fibers for carpets.

Wool: Most of the expensive and elegantly-designed carpets can be found in woolen fibers. The best part of using a carpet made of wool is that it can last a long time and woolen carpets are stain-resistant and durable. Wool carpet is easily available in the market. However, it is better to acquire one from a reputable natural wool carpet shop that can offer the best value in the market.

Synthetic Fibers: Most of the carpets produced in the United States are made of synthetic fibers such as Olefin, Polyester, and Nylon. Each of these synthetics provides specific cost and look advantages. Chose your carpet depending on the type of synthetic fiber that goes best with your interiors. .

Carpet Styles
You can find carpets of different styles available in the market. Most popular style is the textured carpet that creates a wonderful appearance when used in a room. Carpets made of big bulky yarns in looped style called the Berbers are also produced in a level loop. Cut and loop carpet styles are ideal for creating pattern effects and thus are highly popular because of the variations in patterns. They come in various patterns ranging from floral, classic pin dots, geometrics and animal patterns. Other carpet styles in fashion are Saxony, Commercial Cable, and Frieze.

Other Considerations
When choosing a carpet, you would also have to consider about factors like padding, colors, price and aesthetic value that will be added by the carpet to your interiors. Go for carpets with good pad as pads can act as insulator between cold floor and your feet and provide that luxurious feel. Get carpets in colors that will complement your room furniture and accessories.
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